Tape-recording, film and video cassette collection

The audio tape, film and video cassette collection, which is to be regarded as collection material worthy of archiving, also includes audio and film documents that were produced outside the Academy and were acquired by the Academy archive as copies from other archives (broadcasting archive, film archive of the GDR) because of their relevance to the Academy. The resulting archive collection includes, among other items, audio-taped lectures by Max Planck, Max Born and Theodor Brugsch, speeches by Albert Einstein, Eugen Goldstein and Otto Hahn, as well as interviews with Werner Heisenberg, Eilhard Mitscherlich, Otto Hahn and Ludwig Justi.

Particularly noteworthy among the film documents are two documentaries on the opening of the Berlin Radio Exhibition in 1929 and 1930 with speeches by Albert Einstein, the filmed self-portrait "Geheimrat Max Planck" [Privy Councillor Max Planck] from 1942, a DEFA short film on the award ceremonies on the occasion of the 200th birthday of Alexander von Humboldt in 1969 and the television film "Albert Einstein - Erinnerungen von Zeitgenossen" [Albert Einstein - Memories of Contemporaries] on the occasion of his 100th birthday.

The video cassettes, most of which came into the archive as specimen copies, contain mainly contributions on the work of important Academy members, such as Alexander von Humboldt, Max Planck, Albert Einstein and Otto Warburg. These are primarily documentaries produced by film and television companies using archive and collection material from the Academy archives.

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